Bluebird 70th Campaign.


After a few heavy years, everyday life was getting a little too serious… as far as fun-loving Bluebird was concerned. So, for their 70th Birthday celebration, Bluebird was set on bringing back as many moments of care free fun as they could by unleashing the power of joy in the most epic way imaginable!


Thus, the VIP (Very Important Penguin) was born: a penguin-suit-sized key to unlocking an action-packed weekend in Queenstown. A full weekend of bungy jumping, jet boating, hot-pooling, burger-eating (and more) awaited those cheeky Kiwis prepared to free the bird and the fun. Speaking of bystanders, we needed to unleash joy for every chip-loving local, so we offered up hundreds of spot prizes to those who interacted with our VIP vault or scannable street posters. With the vault popping up in 13 different venues, interactive OOH spanning the country, and fun-loving BAs to draw a crowd, Bluebird succeeded in spreading joy all across the nation – now that’s a memorable 70th.