Rocking the Christmas gift since always.


Every Christmas, we challenge ourselves to create a gift that flies in the face of typical corporate communications and sparks the holiday fun for our clients. It’s an annual project that brings everyone at Raydar together, tapping into all of our capabilities to produce one epic, Best Award-winning gift that brings the Raydar rockstar attitude.

We kicked off 2018 with Raydar Rock T-shirts featuring a screaming Kea, accompanied with other rock n roll paraphernalia, including a backstage lanyard, drumsticks and guitar pick, all arriving in a genuine vinyl sleeve.


We then followed up with the humble rope swing – a symbol of freedom and a quintessential Kiwi summer must-have. Three emphatic messages were written to express the creative spirit and culture of the agency, which earned us a Gold at the Best Awards.


For our latest gift, we reinvented the Kite. 24 unique designs were conceived and crafted, each one packed with Raydar attitude. Through copy, illustration and irreverent bursts of creative branding, we juxtaposed our medium with messages that express Raydar’s rebel identity — landing a Silver at the Best Awards.