Helping kiwi families together for 28 years.


With COVID-19 creating more dwell time at home to experience new brands and create an affinity with them, Huggies needed to retain their voice and share over this uncertain period. As the trusted market leader with Kiwi parents, how could we ensure shoppers wouldn’t switch to alternatives in the wake of COVID-19?


We gave Kiwis a strong emotional reason to choose Huggies while highlighting their enduring 28-year partnership with Plunket NZ. We did this by creating ‘Hug it Forward’, a campaign comprised of a donation drive where Kiwis could ‘hand-down’ their pre-loved baby clothes for new parents, as well as an in-store promo that let Kiwis win a bundle & give a bundle when they chose Huggies. With Hug it Forward, we helped Huggies achieve its highest market share in 3 years.


Social reach saw 2.3 Million impressions & positive consumer engagement




Increase in “Influence of Plunket’s endorsement on consumer positivity towards Huggies”




Foodstuffs stores received 11K entries & highest ever market share




Countdown saw a 27% increase in average weekly online sales